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Тема: Новые прошивки на Твикс 7000/6500

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    Exclamation Новые прошивки на Твикс 7000/6500
    Changes from 1.3.129
    1. Fixed NTP server option is disabled when IP is get properly
    through DHCP server.
    2. Now TV connection type is set to HDMI even if the EDID is not get
    from HDMI.
    3. Imporved Enhanced AC3 stream on recorded streams through a tuner.
    4. Network stream performance is optimized.
    5. For DTV, fixed the recorded file name is not correctly set for
    the som Czech stations.

    Known issues and limitations for Video related
    - Some TP/TS information may not correct.
    - When HD Audio pass-through is on, S/PDIF does not output.
    - When HD Audio pass-through is off with HD audio stream, the
    playback is not smooth.
    ¡Û When DTS audio setting is digital, HDMI audio is ON and HD
    audio pass-through is set to ON, then audio is not heard on the SPDIF
    ¡Û For the same setting, if HDMI audio is set to OFF, then it
    sounds through the SPDIF output.
    - Some TP/TS files may cause the system rebooting.
    - Some WMV may not play correctly.
    - The digital output for AAC/WMA is disabled.
    - Does not support PCM audio track on MP4 now.
    - TVIX may not get IP from DHCP server after change between DTV and
    Player modes and this can be solved by retrying DHCP on the setup.

    Known issues for Audio and pictures playing
    - For MP3 files with low sampling frequency, the TVIX might crash
    while playing or trick play like FF or RW.
    - M4A files are not supported now and AAC may not play correctly.

    Known issues for PVR
    - After channel changed, you may not here audio in short time. . To
    work around it, you can press DTV key or Audio key on the remote.

    Known issues for general issues
    - If you play files without refreshing the file list after delete
    files through FTP or SAMBA server, the system will reboot.

    *** If you play files with HD audio tracks like Dolby TrueHD, ,
    Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD MA or LPCM, you better turn on HD Audio pass
    through on the setup even though you don¡¯t have a receiver that supports
    decoding of these formats. Otherwise, you will hear strange noise with
    some repetitive popping noise. Currently, we don¡¯t support core
    decoding, if you don¡¯t have a HD audio decoder receiver, you need to
    select other then these HD audio tracks audio track for now.

    А любителям побалыватса бета версией вот пожалуйста
    Supporting HDMV files (UJukebox function)

    1. The main feature of this firmware is to select a certain audio track or subtitle out of several sorts of those when playing HDMV structured files stored in the HDD.
    2. This version of firmware doesn't support all functions of ‘BDMV’ folder, especially the files with profile 1.1 and 2.0 due to the limitation of the hardware.
    3. The folder structure should be the same as the original one, otherwise TViX doesn’t playback your HDMV files properly, protected files and the files with HDMV region code either.
    4. The ‘Popup Menu’ when pressing the ‘Menu’ button of the remote control while watching HDMV files is either original graphic menu that the title supports or simple menu that Dvico made.
    5. There are two ways to playback HDMV files
    A. In case that you set the ‘Smart Navigation’ to ‘Smart’ in the TViX Setup Page, HDMV files automatically playback with selecting the main folder.
    B. In case that you set the ‘Smart Navigation’ to ‘Normal’ in the TViX Setup Page, you need to select ‘index.bdmv’ files in the HDMV folder.
    6. Possible to add the subtitle that HDMV files doesn't’t have.
    A. If you want this additional subtitle to be default one, put the file on the same folder index.bdmv located and name must be ‘’, for example, index.smi.
    B. Possible to change to the additional subtitle while watching by using the ‘Function’ button on the remote control.
    7. To change a subtitle language to another one while watching, either press the ‘Menu’ button or the ‘Subtitle’ button on the remote control.
    8. To change audio track, press the ‘Audio’ button on the remote control.
    9. To go to another chapter, press’ |◀◀’ or ‘▶▶|’ on the remote control or you can press 'Go to' key on the remote.
    10. You can use 100 times this version of firmware. The TViX automatically counts down from 100, but it counts one in spite of playing HDMV files 10 times unless you boot the TViX.

    *** Possible to play HDMV structured files compressed by ISO format, but you’ve got to select the file even if setting the ‘Smart Navigation’ to ‘Smart’.

    Setting the UJukebox Mode in the TViX Setup Page.

    1. Set to the ‘Lite’.
    Dvico simple menu pops up always.

    2. Set to the ‘Basic’
    The original graphic menu appears that the title supports. And Dvico simple menu pops up in case of the HDMV files with the menu TVIX don’t support.

    HDMV files in IFO folder structure and ISO files.

    Most HDMV files stored in IFO folder structure mainly consist of ‘BDMV’ and ‘Certificate’ folder. As explained above, there are two ways to playback the HDMV files, Smart Navigation and selecting index.bdmv. For stable performance, we recommend not to change the folder structure.
    Files in ISO format must be selected to be played even if setting ‘Smart Navigation’ to ‘Smart’. ISO files may playback smoothly when played through the network.


    *** An HD audio receiver and HDMI 1.3 cable are necessary to playback HDMV files.
    *** In the TViX Setup page, set the ‘Audio’ to ‘Digital’, ‘HDMI Audio’ to ‘On’, and ‘HD Audio Pass Through’ to ‘On’.
    *** It may not work properly in case of no 1.3 HDMI cable, HDMI to DVI connection and analog video mode.
    *** Playing HDMV files in public places is strictly prohibited due to the laws and regulations related with license.
    *** We recommend to set the ‘Auto Switch’ in the TViX Setup page to either ‘NTSC/1080p24Hz’ or ‘NTSC/PAL/1080p24Hz’, otherwise the resolution of subtitle and menu may not be clear or vivid. It’s one of the hardware limitations.

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    HD-эксперт nessy has a spectacular aura about Аватар для nessy
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    По умолчанию


    те кто покупал TVIX M-7000A по цене 450 - 460 USD - не прошивайте свой плеер прошивкой новее чем 1.3.95, потому как после этого, через недолгое время, плеер умирает полностью, и восстанавливается только в условиях сервис-центра путем перепрошивки одной из микросхем плеера через программатор.

    Учитывая что принципиальных изменений в прошивках выше чем 1.3.95 не имеется, то в принципе нет особого смысла обновлять прошивку, и подвергать риску выхода из строя плеера.

    Для плееров TVIX M-7000A ценой примерно 520 USD проблемы с новыми прошивками нет, можете обновлять без опасений.

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