вышла 4.20

Firmware Version: 4.20
Release Date: 13/08/2010

Release Notes:

1. Fixed 1080p24hz HDMI output Panasonic TV with noise problems
2. Solve some of the MKV-VC1 no video output problem
3. Network test message, added more details.
4. Enhanced SAMBS / NFS automatically search and password detection. To support the sharing of NAS detection
5. HD Audio issues resolved
6. HDMI hotplugging stability fixed
7. Added background music function:
a. When playing music, press the stop button to exit playback and return to directory listing; press the back/return button while playing the audio track to activate background music.
b. background music supports menu browsing, image slide show , browser navigation operations. Browse the menu interface, press the stop key to stop the background music.
c. Automatically terminate BGM when playing video/music track.
d. BGM will loop the audio files within the same directory. Limitations are not able to adjust the background music volume, fast forward / rewind, or any music controls.
8. Added automatically scanning for WIFI hotspot within range, and WEP/WPA support.
9. Added weather forecast (activate in settings -> systems
10. Added FLV (video: H.264, Audio: AAC) file playback
11. Support DTS audio-file playback (. Dts,. Wav)
12. Picasa photo album support. Need username of the intended album that you want to browse. (Beta stage)
13. Added MP3, WMA music files ID3 (metadata) display support
14. Added various audio output support
8. Added VPN support
9. Subtitles related changes -
a. ASS format support
b. Added non-standard idx + sub subtitles support
c. Added non-standard sub text subtitles support
d. Fixed subtitle display when sentence is too long
e. Revised text subtitles translucent black shadow
10. UI improvements
a. Direct Play DVD/CD function
b. While browsing press "INFO" on remote to bring up UI help screen.
c. Browsing to firmware version number, shows recently released the latest features
e. Added resume/bookmarking ON/OFF option
f. photo slideshow remove blue border
g. Merge interface samba / nfs directory and upnp directory
11. Gbit LAN experimental stage support, no configuration needed.
12. Solve some of the special directory / file names cause crash problems